Violet & Brooks was built on a love of all things beautiful, and the knowledge that you don’t have to spend a lot to make someone, or yourself, feel good. I have always been drawn to classic feminine trends throughout the decades, and while they’ve all influenced my designs, Violet & Brooks is about more than just trends. The undercurrent that flows through each of our collections is an appreciation that accessorizing is meant to be fun, and is enhanced when shared with people you love. Through working in creative collaboration with my own daughter, Madisen Violet, I live this reality each and every day. We know that bonding over a shared love of fashion, design and beautiful accessories is a powerful antidote to the difficult times we’re living in. 

I was raised in a big Connecticut family by parents who instilled in us some strangely specific values. Their demands were simple enough: Be creative. Be a problem solver. Work hard. Love all things antique and vintage. Make gifts from scratch. Be kind. Grow your own vegetables and herbs. Read lots of books. Collect things you love. Be a good hostess. Read Emily Post.

These values have stayed with me as I pursued a career as president of Maximal Art, a national brand known for its sophisticated modern vintage jewelry designs. While working with John Wind and Maximal Art, I managed operations, merchandised collections, art directed, sourced manufacturing and managed all private label product development. I developed a love of fashion that is easy, fun, wearable and feminine. Most importantly, I came to believe that how a gift (or a customer order) is packaged is as important as the gift itself. 

I'm also a single mother to my two amazing children, Madisen Violet and Spencer Brooks. As they have grown, I have tried to instill similar values in them. They serve as my inspiration for taking this next step in my career– and for the name of this brand. I'm so happy that they are a part of this journey– working right alongside me to make the dream of perfectly precious presents come to life.

Violet & Brooks designs are sophisticated but fun, beautifully packaged and well priced, but my vision for the company is much more than product. It's about leaning into a new way of working that’s truly collaborative and relies on many creative visions in order to produce collections that are truly unlike anything else out there. Our designers and creative professionals come from different walks of life and their unique perspectives are incorporated into how we share Violet & Brooks with the world. 

I'm so thankful for the chance to start this next chapter and hope you enjoy being a part of our journey. 


O U R // M I S S I O N

Our mission is simple: to facilitate bringing women together over a shared love of fashion, accessories and shopping. We want daughters, mothers, aunts, sisters or best friends to have fun with accessorizing, no matter their age. 

We design and manufacture packaged accessories, gifts and jewelry that are rooted in classic styles, but always with a little extra drama. Our goal is to create pieces that are actually ageless. Violet & Brooks is defined by an overtly feminine vibe that’s fun and playful, but we want women everywhere to be able to confidently wear our jewelry and accessories in their own way.  

Central to our mission is our dedication to supporting our retail partners, and our 30 years experience suggests that creating an elevated customer experience that includes packaging that delights, programs that support retailers, seamless delivery, and responsive service makes a difference. We understand that you have so many great options to choose from– we are committed to earning your trust,  building relationships that last and offering you designs that sell.  

Finally, we believe that it’s our shared responsibility to give back. We donate a percentage of all profits to the Covenant House, an organization that helps homeless youth and teens.

O U R // T E A M

Robbin Cook // Founder & Curator

Creative Director Robbin has exquisite taste and a keen eye for jewelry, accessories and home decor. She has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion jewelry to develop product (including Anthropologie, Disney, Vera Bradley and Kate Spade) that connects to the consumer and drives profit. She's not afraid of BIG projects like renovating houses (including knocking down walls & refinishing hardwood floors), but counts raising her two children, Madisen and Spencer as her greatest achievement. 

Madisen Bellet // Digital Media & Design Coordinator

With a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising and years of working in upscale boutiques, Madisen's formal experience is not the only asset she brings to Violet & Brooks. Having grown up watching her mother Robbin work in this industry, she has a lifetime of knowledge of how the business works. Her personal style brings an update to the Violet & Brooks look, and melds with her mother's taste to create pieces that stand the test of time, across all generations.  

Madisun Morgan // Artist & Designer

Madisun is an artist and designer with her B.F.A in Painting from Tyler School of Art. A natural maker, she enjoys working in a multitude of mediums from paint to metals to digital design. Her dogs Stabler and Millie and cats Carmella and Meadow will vouch for her love of anything with fur. Madisun believes weekends should be spent at the dog park and a good flea market.

Spencer Bellet // Quality Control & Shipping

Spencer is a music enthusiast, a college student and a great friend. He is passionate about following process, which isn't always easy on a team of creatives. Spencer has a great eye for detail and will spot a quality issue a mile away.

Monica Martin / OFFICE MANAGER

It takes a special kind of person to serve as a buffer between two creative perspectives, (especially when they’re mother and daughter!) but Monica manages this with ease and get things running smoothly at Violet & Brooks. A mother of two, she spends her time outside of the office with her family, fixing up her home, hosting events and cooking. She’s also our resident expert on what kind of wine we should drink after a long day in the office.

Marina Irizarry / BUSINESS MANAGER

Tech-savvy, highly efficient and yet one of the bubbliest people you’ll ever meet, Marina is a pro at connecting with people and sparking interesting conversation. Her kids are the most important thing in her life, and she enjoy tennis, yoga and spending time with family.


Some people just know what it takes to make someone’s experience special. Italina is always striving to make Violet & Brooks customers happy and she has a unique way of helping people get just what they need. She loves crafting, dancing and gardening and is happiest when being social and connecting with others. We are lucky to have her!

C O R E // V A L U E S